The Best News in 8 years for ZCS ?

I'm very excited about the recent news of Synacor buying Zimbra. I think it will be good for the users of FOSS/OSE ZCS, "Network" Edition ZCS, ZeXtras customers, and other 3rd party companies providing software and services to the general Zimbra community.

From the references below, I noticed the strong focus on the FOSS/OSE ZCS platform. The first reference quoting, "Synacor plans to continue the open source version of Zimbra and plans on providing technical support for Zimbra's Open Source Edition (OSE) through its VAR partners around the world." This is a big change and I'm very interested in seeing how the details shake out. Jorge's article also mentions the renewed focus on the OSE edition when discussing the "new Roadmap".

Keeping my fingers crossed... for all parties.

* Synacor Agrees to Acquire Zimbra, a Leading Provider of Open Source Based Email and Messaging Software
* All change again at Zimbra/Telligent as both are acquired
* [Translated] Zimbra: Zimbra Collaboration and Synacor with Verint with Telligent